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Kindness Matters

Unexpected kindness is one of the most powerful and most underrated gift you can give someone. Leave it to the Greeks to continually sprinkle kindness everywhere they go! I just left the grocery st...
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Celebrating Women

As women we often feel the need to do everything: take care of others, nurture, cook, be thin, be beautiful, have a career, launch a business, really: be superwomen and that’s really tiring - espec...
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Kalo Mina!

Happy March everyone! Of all the things that I love about Greece and the greek culture, their positive greetings rank high on my list....No matter what time of the day, when you cross paths with so...
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Celebrating Love

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I hope you are able to take this time to celebrate all of the loved ones (friends and family!) in your life and show them how much you care. I am forever grateful for ...
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This is REAL - this is Greece

This is REAL - this is Greece and this is a reminder of how nature is the greatest artist of all - here captured by @skylightchaser. I love this image taken at dusk- the way the colours blend toget...
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Women Who Dare

It was an honour to be featured not only on the cover of @harpersbazaargreece, but in their “Women Who Dare,” feature. This year, as I embark on a journey to realise my dreams surrounded and suppor...
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Come rain or shine

Who says Athens doesn't have it all -- now we have snow! Rumi and I took one of our walks above Athens- the ground and air felt like - Silence. Calm. Fresh. This morning, all I wanted was to stay ...
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Give Back Gift Guide

The best part of the holidays for me is being with family-- laughing together, sharing delicious meals and being around the christmas tree! This year will be a little bit different, but of course t...
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