Impact. Partnerships. Growth. Wellbeing. Food.


Princess Tatiana (nee Tatiana Blatnik) has dedicated her career to creating partnerships for social impact. Guided by her passion for giving a voice to others, heritage-based projects and a holistic approach to healthy living, she combines the spirit of philanthropy with socially responsible business initiatives. 

In March 2021, Princess Tatiana launched “BREATHE,” a Mindful Mental Health Movement, dedicated to raising awareness around mental health and building healthier, more compassionate communities. 

Through this movement, she has partnered with PeakState: Mental Fitness, to bring online resources, based on cognitive behavioural therapy, to Greece. She is the founder of Mindful City™, an initiative designed to help cities around the world create positive communal spaces and provide holistic emotional well-being education to their community. 

Princess Tatiana is also a partner of Trofi Holdings, a collective investment platform that leverages benefit-capital to support exceptional builders and initiatives with a vision to create a healthy, sustainable, and equitable food future.

Tatiana currently serves as the International Ambassador of The Hellenic Initiative – a global movement of the Greek Diaspora to develop sustainable business improvement programs in Greece. Most recently, she worked with Lemon Tree Trust, where she launched agricultural businesses in refugee communities in Northern Iraq, Greece and Jordan. 

She is the co-author of A Taste of Greece, an entrepreneurial project to support and promote Greece and Greek cuisine.

Tatiana started her career by launching marketing strategies for Diane von Furstenberg’s Fashion House, while supporting emerging women leaders through Vital Voice’s platform. She has been a keynote speaker in over 30 events worldwide. 

Princess Tatiana was born in Caracas, Venezuela. After graduating from Aiglon College in Switzerland, she received her BA in Sociology from Georgetown University. She currently resides in Athens, Greece with her husband, HRH Prince Nikolaos.