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"Bringing people together to create healthier communities."

A Mindful Mental Health Movement


Leading a global health movement focused around (re)building healthy, resilient and compassionate communities whilst raising awareness around mental health.

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purpose-driven investments and partnerships


Driving positive impact through advisory roles, purpose-driven partnerships & socially-responsible business opportunities. For partnership and business opportunities please contact:

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All of Princess Tatiana's initiatives share a common goal: To help drive positive social impact and create healthier, more compassionate communities, with an emphasis on her adopted homeland, Greece.

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A Taste of Greece

Food. It fuels our body and nourishes our soul. Shared, it fosters a mysterious sense of intimacy, even among strangers. Universal, it remains unique to each country, an essential element of the cultural heritage that links present and past through traditions and memories. A single bite can transport us both round the world and back in time. What else but food can awaken and create such lasting memories and deep emotions? It is not by chance that, for A Taste of Greece, 30 well-known international personalities have chosen to share their favorite local food recipes to give life to their personal connection with this beautiful Mediterranean country and shed light on its multifaceted appeal.

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Welcome to my world. It’s a new month, new week and as always an opportunity to make it a mindful monday - even when the start of a new week can feel a little overwhelming. What makes you stop, breathe, reset and bring you back to being mindful?

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