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The Hellenic Initiative

Investing in the future of Greece through direct philanthropy and economic revitalization, The Hellenic Initiative empowers people to provide crisis relief, encourage entrepreneurs, and create jobs.

As the first International Ambassador of The Hellenic Initiative, Princess Tatiana expresses not only a deep and authentic Philhellenic spirit, but she embodies the aspirations of the Greek Diaspora around the globe for the betterment of Greece. Together with her husband, she supports numerous philanthropic causes, and through THI, she will develop an even wider circle of friends for Greece.

THI Board President George P. Stamas commented on this new enterprise:

“Princess Tatiana is a person who can help to bring together the Diaspora around the world through her eloquence on behalf of Greece, and her consciousness-raising following the example of her family’s service to Greece.”

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The Hellenic Intitiative

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Connecting the Diaspora.

I am delighted to be part of The Hellenic Initiative and its many programs. We all know that there is great love and capacity in the Diaspora to support Greece and I am committed to fostering the tremendous effort that THI has made over the past decade.