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Give Back Gift Guide

Give Back Gift Guide
The best part of the holidays for me is being with family-- laughing together, sharing delicious meals and being around the christmas tree! This year will be a little bit different, but of course there are ways to stay connected and feel together, albeit apart.

Giving back has always been an important part of who I am and during the holiday season I love to share gifts with meaning. This year has highlighted just how important the act of giving back is and the powerful impact all our actions have on another.

So, in that spirit I’ve put together a “Give Back Gift Guide”
with some of my favourites ideas -- I know many of these will bring happiness to someone close to your heart. Hint: two of them are pictured here! 😉 Check it out on my story or saved to my profile.

There are many ways to give back -- big and small -- so I’d love to know what organizations and causes are important to you and how you like to support them. #givingback #atasteofgreece #saveagreekstray #elpidayouth
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