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The New Normal

The New Normal
One of the things I miss most about our "new normal" is the simplicity of going to the market and simply tasting, touching and smelling the fresh produce. It’s amazing how scents can quickly shift your mood — citrus is uplifting and lavender is calming.

I miss both the social interaction with those at the manaviko (market) and the connection to nature and it’s incredible gifts to us, our food. We are truly blessed in Greece to have the most amazing local products with an agricultural sector that continues to grow and expand.

Food is healing and nourishing both for body and mind — we use all the senses to feed ourselves! As the famous Greek physician, Hippocrates, said: “let food be thy medicine and medicine they food.” This is not only about what’s on your plate .. but also the thoughts you feed your mind. #atasteofgreece
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