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Celebrating Women

Celebrating Women

As women we often feel the need to do everything: take care of others, nurture, cook, be thin, be beautiful, have a career, launch a business, really: be superwomen and that’s really tiring - especially if you don’t ask for help.

This past month, wearing a cast, taught me a lot, first off:

It made me stop and really ask for help. Practical help. Something as simple as opening a bottle of water or washing my hair - I had to ask for help- and it was not easy.

Wearing this cast made me realise how hard I find it to ask for help, to show & expose my vulnerability and “weakness”, seeing and feeling it as a lack of independence.

And so today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day - I not only celebrate our strengths, but our weaknesses- our vulnerabilities.
Show them. Wear them with pride. Ask for help. It feels good!

A problem shared is a problem halved, a joy shared is a joy doubled, is very true and real.

Lend a helping hand and ask for one in return.

Thank you @skylightchaser for taking care of me...

(and of course my amazing mamasita @marieblanche11 )

Happy International Women’s Day- to all of us.

Let’s stop trying to be superhuman, take a moment to #breathe, and when you feel you can’t - say out loud: can you help me?

Life lessons learned from wearing a cast :))


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