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Mindful Movement

We don’t need to walk a labyrinth to be mindful - but it helps to walk in awareness. Movement is a gift that we shouldn’t take for granted. Mindful movement involves mental focus, to train your bod...
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HRH Prince Philip

Without knowing it then, HRH Prince Philip had a big impact on who I am today. The Duke of Edinburgh Award was part of our school curriculum. He had the vision to create a holistic educational prog...
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Laughter is the best Medicine

Laughter makes the world go round! It truly is the best medicine. Laughter fosters brain connectivity and has an effect similar to an anti depressant. Laughter is contagious and is so good for your...
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Breathe X Peak State

Today I woke up ready to seize the day! I was eager to jump into a new week after the Spring Equinox and the spectacular full moon last night. I went to bed with a grateful heart and optimistic abo...
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200 years Greek Independence

Χρονια Πολλα Ελλαδα! Happy 200 years of Independence Greece! Incredibly blessed to be living in your beautiful country and celebrating all your traditions. I’m humbled to have been welcomed into th...
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Mindful Monday

Proud. Today I feel proud! I had the honour to meet with Zoe Rapti, Deputy Minister for Mental Health this morning. She’s a beautiful person with so much wisdom. I walked out of the meeting, which ...
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It's Friday- and today - I put on some music and just decided to - dance- alone! Latin Music always lifts my spirits. Movement + Music = Magic for Mind and Soul :) On a more serious note-  I know t...
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St. Patrick’s Day

This year St. Patrick’s Day acted as a reminder of green, of nature - and its power to heal, ground and soothe the soul. Nature has electrical energy, it’s a free stress reduction and an instant mo...
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