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It's Friday- and today - I put on some music and just decided to - dance- alone! Latin Music always lifts my spirits. Movement + Music = Magic for Mind and Soul :) 

On a more serious note-  I know that days and weekends are all being blurred into one, Burnout is Real. Exhaustion. Stress. So, my lesson of the week is: If you can, find some time this weekend, for a few hours to be without a phone- without messages. 

It happened to me yesterday, not on purpose- but always for a reason.

I woke up with a phone that would not restart- it went onto a "boot loop" and being on lockdown & stores being shut- I was unable to get a new one- I spent the day without it- and truth be told, I had an extremely productive and also peaceful day- I highly recommend it. 

And for now- Celebrate yourself and that you made it through the week. Add a little music and dance and sing. 

What's your go-to happy song? 

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