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Powerful Truths

Powerful Truths
Yesterday, I heard one of the most powerful truths I have ever heard. A friend I saw for the first time in months called me and in our discussion said, "you still look beautiful, but you look like you abandoned yourself." It was completely true-- I felt like a stranger to myself.

And so today, I woke up and went to the market with my friend's advice to nurture and nourish myself in mind. I picked out beautiful fruits and decided I would not cook out of necessity, but out of love. Visiting the market was grounding and when I cooked, I decided to focus on self-expression, creativity and passion-- no rules! I used the ingredients around me to help me return to my purest self-- one that is passionate and mindful.

The #powerofnature is all around us and can be rejuvenating in so many ways. Greece has so many natural resources available to us that we can harness for our own mental fitness and emotional wellbeing. Now, I feel closer to myself and wrote down my friend's wise words—I must not lose myself trying to find myself. #BREATHE#MentalHealthMatters #Athens

What helps you come back home to yourself?
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